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DTE Issues

The files below are from the DTE peresentation at Riley Park on September 29, 2021.
They say they are doing everything they can to mitigate the tree problem.  Our
sub was last trimmed in 2014 and is scheduled to be trimmed by the end of 2021.
FRMTN1712 is a picture of our part of the grid.
Gen Orchard Sub is a closer shot of our sub.
DTE Approach to Tree Trimming is just what it says.
DTE Farmington Circuits is a list of  the circuits in Farmington.  We are FRMTN1712.

Good Afternoon Neighborhood Watch Coordinators and Complex Managers,
If you could forward this information to your residents it would be greatly appreciated.  Warmer temperatures provide criminals with new opportunities to take your valuables.  Please make sure you are removing valuables such as purses, wallets, cash and electronics from your vehicles.  Also, make sure that you lock your vehicle if you are parking it outside.
Vehicle Safety
  • Popular areas that people hide valuables: glove box, center console, under seat/s, under visors and other “hidden” compartments installed by automotive company for sunglasses/wallets.  Remember an intruder is an expert at finding valuables so if you think you are hiding items in an unlikely area you are probably mistaken.
  • Make sure you keep your vehicle clean. Due to various types of textured surfaces inside of a vehicle the areas that can be processed are limited.  Keeping a vehicle clean and keeping inventory of items inside of your vehicle is helpful.
  • If you notice particular items inside of your vehicle that may have been left by the intruder please do not touch/move them.  If possible try not to drive your vehicle if you notice you have been a victim of a larceny.
  • Do you keep your registration/insurance information inside of your vehicle? It is recommended that you do not.  Although, a convenient area to keep those documents it is not advised.
  • Do you keep your car title or car maintenance receipts inside of your vehicle?  Think of the information that is on these documents.
  • Wheel lock keys are commonly located in the glove box of vehicles. Remember that criminals also know that is a common hiding area. Consider using a different part of your vehicle to hide this key. Think of storing the item in a plastic container in your trunk. It adds a couple of extra steps if the intruder wants to steal tires from your vehicle.
  • If you must keep valuables inside of your vehicle make sure to use your trunk
  • When parking vehicles outside of a secured area such as a garage please remove the garage door opener.  Garage door openers give intruders access to a residence.  It is always recommended to lock the interior door that connects your garage to your home.  If the door is left unlocked someone with a garage door opener can gain entry into a home.
  • If garage door opener is stolen remember to reprogram your garage door.
  • Create a routine where you check to make sure that your vehicle is locked on a daily basis particularly, if you park outside.
  • Avoid parking in areas that can reduce visibility of your vehicle (large trees, large vehicles, dumpsters) etc.
Thank you,
Monica Kollar
Crime Prevention Technician
31655 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
(248) 871-2750

Here is a list of winter reminders from the City.
Here are some road construction tips.

Please don't feed the deer

Section 1 of Ordinance. Ordinance Amendment.

The Farmington Hills City Code, Chapter 6, "Animals," Article I, "Generally," is hereby amended to add Section 6-11, "Deer Feeding - Prohibited," to read as follows:
Section 6-11. Deer Feeding - Prohibited.
  1. Deer Feeding. As used in this section, "deer feeding" means the depositing, distributing, or tending of feed intended for consumption by deer for the purposes of preventing deer from starving or for recreational viewing.
  1. Acts Prohibited. No person shall place or permit to be placed on the ground, or less than five feet (5') above the ground surface any grain, fodder, salt licks, fruit, vegetables, nuts, hay or other edible materials which may reasonably be expected to result in deer feeding, unless such items are screened or protected in a manner that prevents deer from feeding on them. Living fruit trees and other live vegetation shall not be considered as deer feeding.
If you would like to read the full ordinance click here.

Local Weather

Here is a link to the weather station in the Glen Orchard subdivision: