Glen Orchard Civic Association - Farmington Hills, Michigan
Glen Orchard Home "Established in 1952"

Questions in the subdivision

For questions regarding general GOCA information, please email to the general inquiry email address.  If your question is an emergency, please email any board member.  Thank you, GOCA Board of Directors.

Contacting GOCA

Mailing Address
Glen Orchard Civic Association
P. O. Box 894
Farmington, Michigan 48332
General Inquiry:
Board of Directors
President: Kurt & Debby Brauer
Vice President: James & Maureen Prest
Treasurer: James Prest
Secretary: Keiona Turner
Board Member: Denise Hurd & Joe Meyers
Board Member: Myra Macisaac
Board Member: Chris & Maureen Hackman
Zoning & Restrictions: Julius Gajdos
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