Glen Orchard Civic Association - Farmington Hills, Michigan
Glen Orchard Home "Established in 1952"

Welcome to Glen Orchard Civic Association!

Glen Orchard Civic Association (GOCA) is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan and was established in 1952. Formerly an apple orchard, the subdivision is comprised of 84 homes with residents that work together to create a safe, pleasant neighborhood.
GOCA's purpose is to:
  • Maintain and beautify our subdivision
  • Enforce building and use restrictions
  • Strengthen and promote civic matters
  • Promote social activity within the association.
This website provides key information that is useful to our members - calendar of events, by-laws, areas links, and more.  

We are now on Facebook!

Glen Orchard Civic Association members, we now have a private group on Facebook. This is a community page, specifically dedicated to GOCA homeowners, where we can share events, experiences, or ask for recommendations. Please be respectful and refrain from solicitations and political commentary.  There is one question to answer to join and you must agree to the group rules. Click the link below and join our private group!

Glen Orchard Civic Association Private Facebook Group